The project's administrative strategy involves: the Project Coordinator, Steering Committee, Advisory Group and workpackage leaders responsible for detailed tasks associated with each work package.

The overall project is coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The Consortium is composed of all involved partners.

The work package 1 (WP1) is devoted to ensuring the efficient overall coordination of the project and covers the management of the whole project, including organizing Consortium meetings. The subsequent seven work packages are dedicated to specific tasks which are closely interrelated (see Figure 1 for interdependences between work packages) for reaching the overall objectives of the project.

  • WP 1: Coordination and management

    leader - International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC

  • WP 2: Epidemiological methods

    leader - Fundacio Centre De Recerca En Epidemiologia Ambiental - CREAL

  • WP 3: Data collection

    leader - University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne - UNEW

  • WP 4: Radiation dose reconstruction

    leader - International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC

  • WP 5: Biological mechanisms

    leader - Studiecentrum Voor Kernenergie - SCKoCEN

  • WP 6: Data analysis and interpretation

    leader - Stichting Het Nederlands Kanker Institut - NKI

  • WP 7: Optimization of practices in paediatric CT

    leader - Centre D'assurance De Qualite Des Applications Technologiques Dans Le Domaine De La Sante - CAATS

  • WP 8: Dissemination of project results

    leader - International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC